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Experience immersive virtual reality racing, that delivers full motion feedback. Get into the cockpit of over 180 cars from 38 manufacturers and choose your favourite circuit from over 140 circuits across 60+ locations, every race is unique.

Utilizing the latest racing simulation software combined with state of the art technology enables Racing Sims Ltd to deliver you an unparalleled experience. Feel every piece of the tarmac as you race across world famous circuits, including our very own Ruapuna Park in breathtaking detail.

Racing Sim simulators are designed, manufactured and built right here in New Zealand.  We are proud to deliver a world class racing simulation experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Latest Virtual Reality technology, delivering you an unparelleled experience
Ultra responsive world class motion, allows you to feel every bump in the road
capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LMP-cars.
49″ QLED Gaming Monitor for the ultimate gaming experience
The most advanced and realistic direct drive force feedback system with unparalleled realism
Racing harness & seat provide you with a sense of realism while making sure you feel every G-Force possible
Rear traction loss lets you feel everytime the car loses rear grip, adding a further dimension of realism

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