Drive Engagement at Corporate Gatherings
with Racing Sims

Elevate Your Corporate Events with High-Speed Thrills

Brand promotion
with an edge

Incorporating a racing simulator into your corporate events is not just about the excitement it brings; it’s a strategic choice to drive engagement, boost your brand, and leave a lasting impact on staff and clients alike. Get in the driver’s seat of corporate success – book a racing simulator now!

Whether you are exhibiting outside in a marquee at Mystery Creek Fieldays, needing to arrange a product launch or roadshow, or require a dynamic custom event at Auckland Homeshow, Water NZ, HINZ, Foodtech Packtech, NZOA, Armageddon, NZDA, or any other of the hundreds of national exhibitions and trade shows, Racing Sims can help you stand out from the crowd and can guarantee your stand will be the center of attention.

Elevate your corporate events with a racing simulator! Boost teamwork, camaraderie, and friendly competition as your staff collaborates to conquer the virtual track

Showcase your company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. A racing simulator is a visual spectacle that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression

Tailor the racing experience to match your brand’s image. From branding the simulator to designing custom comeititons, everything can be personalized to align with your corporate identity

Unleash your team’s competitive spirit in a controlled environment. Encourage healthy competition and watch as this energy translates into heightened productivity back at the office.

Racing events naturally facilitate networking as colleagues and clients interact in a relaxed, fun setting. Build relationships that extend beyond the track

Create shareable content that generates buzz on social media. Your corporate events will become a talking point, extending your brand’s reach far beyond the event itself

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Transform Your Trade Show Presence
with Racing Sims

Racing simulators are interactive and attract large crowds, ensuring that your booth or event space becomes a hub of activity, drawing in more potential clients or guests

Brand Promotion & Product Launches

Create a memorable brand experience
with Racing Sims

Custom branding options on the simulators offer a powerful way to showcase your company’s logo and message, leaving a lasting impression on event participants

Staff Events & Team Building

The ultimate team building event
with Racing Sims

Our simulators are the perfect team building or staff event, used to foster teamwork and healthy competition. Encourage attendees to form teams and compete against each other, promoting camaraderie and bonding

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